Friday 8 August 2014

Gaza: Make our Hindsight into our Foresight

Aharon Nathan's  opening Statement as delivered at the Israel Forum Meeting on  11 Sept 2011 in Wimbledon Synagogue sharing a panel with  Mr Stephen Hammond MP, Mr Alex Brummer of the Daily Mail and Dr Simon Joseph in the Chair

"Israel is a paradox. Its spectacular achievements in every sphere whether in science, technology, medicine etc., contrast sharply with its utter failure in politics.  As in Greek tragedies, this one fault is bringing about Israel’s downfall. I believe Israel is definitely not safer now than ten years ago.  Arik Sharon apart, its political leaders throughout those ten years have pushed Israel towards a dark slippery slope which threatens its very existence today.

This grave situation is rooted in 3 problems that urgently need practical  solutions:

1.   Reforming Israel’s electoral system of pure proportional representation to bring about stability of government and integration of its splintered society including its Arab minority;

2.   Directing Israel’s policies towards defendable borders based on a 3 state solution: Palestine, Israel and the State of Gaza;

3.   Improving Israel’s image in the world by widening the legitimacy for its existence through focusing on the ethnic cleansing by the Arab countries of their entire Jewish populations that has left them in Hitler’s words: Judenrein, Arab lands clean of Jews. 

These 3 problems are interlinked and intertwined.  If left without action, Israel' support will shrink under the attrition of intermittent Arab and Islamist hostilities, backed by vicious ignorant European public. Time is running out."  (Sept 2011)

What Today, the 5th August 2014?   What we needed then we still need now: Root and branch solutions. To achieve that we must not confine ourselves to reacting to the last events and headlines but be guided by the above underlying causes of the present conflict.

And what to do specifically the day after this War is over?  A Mini Marshal Plan in exchange for Demilitarisation. We must catch the present golden opportunity that Egypt is affording us to deal directly with the leadership of local Hamas in Gaza (with Abu Mazen but better without) to establish a demilitarised viable autonomous entity in Gaza backed by financial help of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States (not Qatar) USA and Europe (definitely not the UN).  Commentaries and detailed analysis on website: