Thursday 1 May 2008

Israel Arab Conflict (Judenrhein and the Golan Heights)

1. Judenrhein is land pure and clean of Jews. This is the unrealised dream that Hitler designed for Germany, but which the Arabs fulfilled to the full in their countries. This is the Arab side of the Holocaust, the real tragic “NAQBAH” of the Jews who lived for centuries in Arab countries. Today every nation in Europe tries to apologise for associating themselves with this policy. Not so the Arabs. They are proud of their achievement, which they declare day and night as a matter of religious piety.

2. Stealthily or deliberately they managed to put this abomination into practice. And they find it natural, may be because it is embedded in their history and culture. The concept of Dar Al Islam (land of Muslims) and Dar Al Harb (land of enemies) is believed by them to be a religious dictate. It is what the almighty directed them to do. And they have indeed done it very well. Once you are converted to Islam you cannot go back. It is a one way street under sufferance of assassination and so is the case with land. Once it is conquered by Muslims, it is Muslim’s for ever. That is why Arabs are today reclaiming Spain right to the town of Poitiers in France, where Charles Martell stopped their advance and Europe to the gates of Vienna where the Polish King Jan III Sobieski stopped Kara Mustafa.

3. That’s all very well and could have been taken light heartedly today by the rest of the world had it not been for the West, which with tolerance and alacrity seem to accept as natural this attitude as long as it is directed towards the Jews. Even the rise of Bin Laden never woke up Europe to this phenomenon. The new “religion” of human rights and multiculturalism seem to gloss over the Arab attitudes and policies to Jews in general and to Israel in particular. Unfortunately for the Arabs, as it was so unfortunate for the fanatic Germans this is not helping them, the Arabs, in fact it is at the heart of their problems pulling them back to the dark ages. Islamic tolerance brought the enlightenment into Europe, but sadly skipped over their own nations elsewhere.

4. The solution to the Arab and especially the Palestinian plight in their relationship with Israel could have been resolved long time ago, if only their leaders grasped the immorality of the concept of Judenrhein and even more so if the West stopped accepting it as normal in Arab countries. This acquiescence fostered its encouragement with disastrous effect on the Arabs themselves. Unless some Arab leaders woke up to this situation, the Middle East will be engulfed in a sea of blood.

5. If the Palestinians as recently as the time of the evacuation of Gaza stood up and said: we claim back Gaza as our land , but we have no problem with the Jewish settlements there to stay as part of Palestinian Gaza with Jews living the way they live today in Germany, England and the USA, Gaza would have been today the new Hong Kong of the Middle East with Israel as its hinterland and market and source of finance.

6. A last chance to act sensibly lies today at the door of the Syrians to start a process, which will bring real peace and prosperity to the region. The Syrian leaders, who clamour for the Golan should take the initiative and suggest that the Jews in the Golan Heights can stay after the withdrawal of Israel to the shores of Tiberias as citizens of Syria or as Israelis in residence in a Syrian Golan subject, as other citizens in Syria, to Syrian law in the way the Jews live in England, France or Germany today. It is then that the Israeli resistance to withdrawal will melt away and a great and prosperous Golan can offer itself to millions of tourists from all over the world who will enjoy the fusion of Arab and Jewish culture reminiscent of and recalling the glorious days of Cordoba and Toledo.

Aharon Nathan, 1st May 2008